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Sun Cellular keeps you in touch with your social networking friends 24/7 with its newest service, Sun Alertz!

Posting tweets and updating your status on Facebook has never been this fast and easy. Let your online friends know what you’re doing or thinking with just one text!

Sign up for a Facebook account at http://www.facebook.com so you can reconnect with old friends or form a connection with people who share the same interests. If you are already a Facebook member, verify your mobile number by installing our cool application found at http://apps.facebook.com/sunalertz. To send an update, txt FB <status> to 2555. Ex. FB thinks that Sun Alertz is cool! P1/txt. Max of 400 characters.*

For more info, text HELP FB to 2555 for free.

If you are into microblogging and already have a Twitter account, you can now send frequent mobile updates to your followers or follow what your contacts are up to. To post a tweet, login first to your account by texting LOGIN <Twitter username> <Twitter password> to 2555 for free. Don’t worry, all information you send us will be kept confidential. To send a tweet, text TW <message> to 2555. Ex. TW wants you to use Sun Alertz! P1/txt. Max of 140 characters.*

For more info, text HELP TW to 2555 for free.

If you are active members of both sites, you may change your status simultaneously with just one text! Text STAT <message> to 2555. Ex. STAT just installed the Sun Alertz app and wants you to join in the fun. P1/txt. Max of 140 characters.


Login to http://www.sunalertz.com to:

1) Manage your subscription settings
2) Block/unblock contacts
3) Set a schedule for receiving alertz
4) Download exciting Sun Alertz freebies!

HELP – list of all keywords
CHECK – check your status
ON – start receiving alertz
BLOCK (send to contact’s unique number) – stop receiving messages from a particular contact
BLOCKLIST FB – view blocked Facebook contacts
BLOCKLIST TW – view blocked Twitter contacts
UNBLOCK <contact #> - unblock contact

* Limit is dependent on the social networking site and is subject to change without prior notice