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is Sun Cellular’s latest innovative offering to its subscribers to ensure fast and efficient communication 24/7! With SMS2EMAIL, you can send and receive e-mail anytime you want and anywhere you are using your mobile phone. Your 11-digit Sun mobile number is now your e-mail address! Ex. 09221234567@sun.net.ph.

To get started, just text <email address> <message> to 2575. Max of 420 characters/email. P1/txt.

To enjoy unlimited access to the service, text BUY <# of days> to 2575. Ex. BUY 30. Available subscription packages:

BUY 1 – P15/day
BUY 7 – P50/7 days
BUY 30 – P150/30 days.

Enjoy these exciting features:

E-mail forwarding. Forward all your incoming e-mail to another address! Text COPY <e-mail address> to 2575.*

Address book. Manage your contacts! To add a friend, text ADD <email address> to 2575. To delete a contact, text DEL <email address> to 2575. To search your contact list, text SEARCH <contact list> to 2575.

Anti-spam. Don’t want to receive e-mail from a particular contact? Text BLOCK <e-mail address> to 2575.

Choose when you want to receive your e-mail. On a date and don’t want to receive any messages? Text OFF to 2575. Waiting for an important e-mail while you’re out of the office? Text ON to 2575 to start receiving e-mail again.

Other keywords:
SMS2EMAIL – more info about the service
CHECK – check your account status
COPYOFF* – stop e-mail forwarding
UNBLOCK <email address> - unblock contact
BLOCKLIST – view list of blocked contacts
HELP – complete list of keywords

*Available only to SMS2EMAIL Unlimited subscribers.