SUN I-Messenger FAQs


How do I start using Sun iMessenger?

Just text SUNIM to 2746, a bunch of HELP commands will be sent back to you. If it is your first time to send, you will be instantly enrolled to the service for one day for free!

You can immediately enjoy the service by logging in to any of your instant-messaging accounts.


How do I log in to my IM accounts?

To log in to Yahoo! Messenger, send LOGIN YAHOO <yahoo-id> <password> to 2746.

Ex: LOGIN YAHOO tomas_cruz password
To log in to MSN Messenger, send LOGIN MSN <email-address> <password> to 2746.

Ex: LOGIN MSN pass1234
To log in to AOL Instant Messenger (AIM), send LOGIN AOL <screen-name> <password> to 2746.

Ex: LOGIN AOL tomas_cruz200 password1234
To log in to ICQ, send LOGIN ICQ <unique-id-number> <password> to 2746.

Ex: LOGIN ICQ 9292540 pass4321

You only have to register your IM accounts once. When you want to log in to your accounts again, just send LOGIN to 2746 and Sun iMessenger will do it all for you!
A successful login to an IM account will give you a list of online buddies.


How do I chat with my buddies?

To start chatting with an IM buddy, send CHAT <service> <buddyname> <message> to 2746.

Ex: CHAT AOL brod_pit Heller!

The message will be sent to your buddy straightaway if he is online. If your buddy is offline, he will receive the message upon signing in.
If however you send 'CHAT AOL brod_pit' (that is, with out a message), you will then get a reply SMS that says:

"To send a message to brod_pit, simply Reply to this text and enter your message!"

(That is, provided that brod_pit is a indeed a buddy of yours).
This message will come from a 5-digit access code. (Ex: 20401)


I did notice that when I begin chatting with my buddies, messages come from strange 5-digit numbers and not 2746?

This is a unique feature of Sun iMessenger that allows you to take a shortcut when replying to buddies.
You can use that number to send replies to your buddies.

So instead of typing Ex: 'chat y tomas_cruz hello!' every time, you can just reply to your buddy straightaway, just like replying to an ordinary SMS from your


I've been online for 5 hours. How do I check if a buddy is still online?

Send BUDDIES to 2746 to check your online buddies for all registered IM accounts.
If you're getting fancy, you can send BUDDIES MSN to just find out who among your MSN chatmates are online.


Can I download my entire contact lists for my IM accounts?

Send ALL BUDDIES to 2746 to get your entire contact list for all registered IM accounts.

But if you just want to get a list of Yahoo! buddies, send ALL YAHOO BUDDIES to 2746.


I want to unregister my ICQ account on Sun iMessenger.

Send REMOVE ICQ to 2746. If you want to remove other IM accounts, send REMOVE <service> to 2746 instead.


How do I find out my remaining subscription time?

Send CHECK TIME to 2746.




Do I really have to spell out the IM services every time I send a command?

If you're getting lazy or simply have no time, just type the first letter of the service name. Ex: CHAT Y brod_pit Yo!


I really like this service!

Then invite your friends and get them to use Sun iMessenger. We will give you free online hours if you invite 20 friends.

Just send INVITE <friends-mobile-phone> to 2746. You will not be charged for inviting your friends. (Best of all, you can invite any friend! Our tip: invite all your friends in your address book.)


I received a text saying my subscription will end in 15 minutes. How do I extend my iMessenger subscription?

There are two packages to enjoy:

24 hours or one full week of unlimited IM.
Send BUY DAY to 2746 to purchase a day of iMessenger service. (Price: P20.00)
Send BUY WEEK to 2746 to purchase a week (7days) of iMessenger service. (Price: P100.00)



How do I logout from my IM accounts?

Send LOGOUT to 2746 to sign off from ALL your IM accounts. Send LOGOUT <service-name> to sign out from a specific IM network.


Summary of Commands

Sun iMessenger SMS Commands
Chat by texting 2746 with one of these: Purpose
HELP Helps you with a specific command. Ex: help login
INVITE Earn free chat hours by inviting friends. (Ex: invite 09223456789)
LOGIN To log into Sun imessenger. (Ex: login yahoo tomas_cruz password1234)
LOGOUT Logout all imessengers accounts
LOGOUT can be: yahoo,msn,icq,aol. This specifies which to log out. (Ex: Logout yahoo)
CHAT Start a chat. (Ex: Chat yahoo tomas_cruz Hi, Tomas!)
BUDDIES Sends back list of all buddies online
ALL BUDDIES See all your contacts for all services.
CHECK TIME See how much longer your subscription will last.
REMOVE Remove an account from iMessenger. (Ex: remove icq)


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