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Disappearing Load?
Not for Sun Cellular subscribers


Have you ever experienced losing cellphone load without you using it? Minutes and texts seemed to be decrementing on their own and finally disappearing before you know it. Or probably you have so many unused minutes and texts that were put to waste because of rigid expiry terms. These may be true for some, but definitely not for Sun Cellular subscribers.

With the hard-earned money you spend for mobile communication, you deserve to get the most of your load expense. This has been one of the things Sun Cellular subscribers have been enjoying – getting the full value of their money down to the last peso. With Sun Cellular’s Advanced Charging System, you are sure that you get exactly what you pay for.

The Advanced Charging System is packed with features that Sun subscribers have been raving about.

First, you can extend the validity of your Sun load, even Sun Regular Load. For example, you topped-up a Sun P50 Regular Load Card valid for 7 days. Before the 7th day, you still have remaining P20 worth of Regular load credits, then you decide to load P20 Regular Load through Sun Xpressload, with a validity of 2 days.

By doing so, all your Regular Load credits will be combined giving you P40 worth of Regular Load and the validity will be extended until the 9th day. This is truly something that only Sun subscribers enjoy!

Second, you don’t have to worry about wasting those unused minutes and text messages that are about to expire. Let’s say you’re a student who loads P20 Call and Text Combo (CTC20) – this has 25 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls, 80 Sun-to-Sun texts, and 25 texts to other networks.

If your load is about to expire and you have remaining minutes and texts, let’s say 5 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls and 35 Sun-to-Sun texts, you can save the unused minutes and texts by loading another Combo variant, such as P10 Call and Text Combo (CTC10) – 10 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls, 40 Sun-to-Sun texts, and 10 texts to other networks.

By doing so, the validity of the unused minutes and texts from CTC20 will be extended for 1 day, and the unused load will be added to CTC10, giving you a total of 15 minutes of Sun-to-Sun calls, 75 Sun-to-Sun texts, and 10 texts to other networks. This will surely keep you in touch with your barkada.

At this time where most feel financially challenged, Sun Cellular is there to help ease the burden by fairly decrementing cell phone load and providing subscribers means to prevent cell phone load wastage, in the end giving its subscribers the real value that they deserve.

For more information on Sun Cellular’s Advanced Charging System or other value-for-money products and services, visit The Sun Shop nearest you or call Sun Cellular’s Hotline by dialing 200 from your Sun mobile phone.