Sun Cellular offers the best postpaid value at Plan 450


For practical reasons, more people are getting Sun as their secondary line or even giving up their old network provider in favor of Sun Cellular to cater to their connectivity needs. This trend can be attributed to Sun’s economical postpaid plans which have made communication services more affordable.

It’s easy to see why Sun Cellular holds significant advantage in the postpaid segment -- a combination of good rates, value-for-money benefits, and excellent network service as a result of Sun’s aggressive expansion plans and strengthened partnership with the PLDT-Smart Group.

The Sun Plan 450, for instance, easily beats out similar postpaid plans on account of Sun's attractive offers and network coverage, thanks to its over 6,000 cell sites strategically located across the country. 

To start with, other similar plans offer limited services only. By contrast, Sun Plan 450 offers unlimited Sun calls and texts. This unlimited feature is very favorable to postpaid subscribers who need to be constantly in touch with their contacts – their families, business partners, friends, coworkers, or employees without fear of incurring extra charges once the bill arrives.

On top of the unlimited feature, Sun Plan 450 also comes with a generous allocation of 250 free texts to other networks, P100 consumable, and a free smartphone to boot. The P100 consumable can be used for 20 hours of mobile internet, 50 minutes of international calls, 50 international texts, or other consumable values.

Conversely, slightly higher-priced plans from other networks offer free phone, limited calls, limited texts, and limited mobile internet only. With Sun Cellular, you pay less and even get more and better services!

Indeed, Sun Cellular continues to blaze the trail in mobile communications with products that are not just affordable but also addresses the evolving needs of consumers. Its range of economical postpaid plans, such as Sun Plan 450, delivers unparalleled service that maximizes the capabilities of mobile communications.

To get Sun Plan 450 or know more about other Sun postpaid plans, visit The Sun Shop branch nearest you or call the Sun Hotline 200 using a Sun-powered handset or (02) 395-8000 from any landline. Visit our official Facebook page Follow @suncelltweets on Twitter.