Mine a Wealth of Entertainment with Android Handsets


We are a generation of restless souls. Many among us cannot stand it whenever we’re stuck in traffic or the weather’s so bad outside and we have no choice but to stay at home. We always have to do something. Fortunately, there are tons of applications available for Android handsets that can entertain us so effectively that we won’t even realize time pass by.

Of course there are the staple popular games where you can run in an endless maze as you keep distance from a monster and collect coins, slash fruits samurai-style or blast your ever-beloved candies.

If you are into puzzle games, you can also stretch your brain cells by looking for the common concept in four pictures or complete a labyrinth of colored lines. Pop culture enthusiasts; on the other hand, will find their brains tickled as they name — or guess — the items certain logos and icons refer to.

But if you’re not into games, there are other Android-based applications that can definitely fit your interests. Health and fitness buffs; for example, can check out workout guidelines and learn more about sustaining a healthy lifestyle with available apps. Sports enthusiasts on the other hand will definitely like applications where they can check out the latest news and scores of their favorite games. Likewise, news junkies and bookworms will definitely enjoy applications that can help reading more fun and convenient.

There’s a wide range of fun games and applications for people of different interests and stature. And the best part is, many of these are free via the Google Play Store. Needless to say, once you have an Android handset, you will never go bored.

What about those who don’t own an Android-operated handset yet? You don’t have to frown now as Sun Cellular offers great affordable deals that can surely fit your budget. Under its Sundroid Rush offering, you can own not one, but two Android handsets — a tablet and a smartphone — under one plan.

Fitting for those who want to be always entertained, the MyPhone edition of the Sundroid Rush is perfect. Under Sundroid Plan 450, you can get MyPhone’s seven-inch MyPad 2 tablet and the sleek MyPhone A818 Slim. On top of these amazing handsets, Sundroid Plan 450 also gives you unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 texts to other networks and 20 hours of mobile Internet. Now, that is an amazing deal.

Other editions of Sundroid Rush also include a tablet and smartphone from Alcatel and Samsung under Sundroid Plans 600 and 999 respectively.

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