Embrace the new school year with Sun

With kids these days, you never know where their priorities lie, and as parents, it is your job to ensure that they focus on the things that are really important. No, we’re not talking about his favorite athlete or her favorite actress. We’re talking about their education.

Of course, your child focusing on his studies can only get him so far, and with the world being as dynamic as it is today, he needs all the help he can get. Yes, making him drink all those brain-enhancing milk might help, but there is always something that can make his education all the more worth it.

Like getting him connected.

Sun Cellular is a company that specializes on this “getting connected” stuff. With that, here are a few tips to ensure that your student makes the most out of his education.

Maybe you should start by…

1. Getting him a POSTPAID line that fits his needs

Students love group projects; they foster camaraderie among students by making them, well, do group projects for maybe 5 minutes and then having a nice chat for 5 hours afterwards.

In every group project, there will always be someone who relies too much on his awesome classmates (such as your kid) and simply provide “moral support” at the comfort of his home. In this kind of situation, there is simply nothing you can do.

Or is there?

Of course! Get him Sun Cellular’s Plan 450 that comes with a FREE Alcatel Glory X918N, that’s what Sun Postpaid Plan 450 gives you unlimited Sun calls and texts, 250 texts to other networks, and a P100 consumable amount which can be used for IDD or 20 hours of internet. Also, the Alcatel Glory X918N that you may choose to get for this plan is powered by the Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system, which means that he has a multitude of options to contact his lost classmate in any communication channel, even if the said classmate decides to hide outside of the country!

While we’re at it, let’s talk about research. As some of you guys know, encyclopedias are out, and Google is in. If you, like the generation after yours, think that the internet is the “in” thing right now, maybe you should…

2. Get the best BROADBAND INTERNET service in the market

“Encyclopedia? What in the world is an encyclopedia?” you ask.

No. This is not the time for a history lesson, because what matters is the now, and the now is the internet, baby! All the information that you need to know for school can be found in the internet, and the only way to get this sweet, sweet information is through, well, an internet connection. 

And if you’re going to get an internet connection, it wouldn’t be wise not to get the best ever broadband internet service in the market for your PC, laptop, or your gadget–Sun Broadband! Now, getting a consistent, fast, and reliable internet connection is just within reach! From now until July 31, 2012, you can get your very own SBW for a fraction of its original price. The Sun Broadband Plan 450 gives you 70 hours of high-speed internet per month. And did we mention that the broadband modem, which would normally cost you P888, is now only P545? If you’re doing the math, that’s more than a P300 difference!

And it gets better.  Sun Easy Broadband Plan 899 gives you unlimited internet for a month. The modem? P346. Do the math again, and you’ll save a whopping P553!
To top it all off, for a limited time offer, Sun brings back SBW Plan 350 Lite- the best value plan in the market today! With the Plan 350 Lite, you will get 60 hours of internet surfing for just P350.00 per month! 

You can also surf using your Sun phone with the Sun Mobile Internet Service. All you have to do is text ACTIVATE to 2300 for free, and you will receive the settings you would need so that you can start surfing the world wide web with your phone. your handset. You may also call Hotline 200 to activate your data connection. Rates are very affordable, you can surf as low P25 for three hours, valid for 1 day. For quick access to all of Sun Cellular’s affordable internet loads, text ILOADS to 2300 on your Sun phone.

If you want continuous mobile internet connection for your postpaid line, then you can always subscribe the monthly unlimited mobile internet plan called iPlan 799 for only P799 per month. iPlans also come in cheaper denominations, such as iPlan149, pay P149.00 a month for 20 hours of internet use. For free information about all the other internet plans from Sun Cellular, just text IPLANS to 2300.

Now, let’s say that you really do not need a postpaid line. Maybe the extra moolah you save on taking advantage of this SBW promo can be used for…

3. The Best Prepaid Unlimited Service!

Some of us really prefer prepaid. After all, with prepaid, you have better control of your communication spending. However, the same thing could also gloriously blow up right in your face.

A major reason why you spend so much on your prepaid load is because of your friends and family on different networks.  Only Sun Cellular Prepaid can give you really attractive prepaid offers at very affordable “student” prices.  With the new Sun Text Unlimited 300, you get Unlimited Sun texts, 5 Hours of Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text Calls (3 hours Sun calls plus 2 hours of calls to Sun, Smart and Talk ‘N Text), and 500 FREE texts to other networks for – wait for it – 30 days! All these for only Php300!  If you’re a student strapped on cash, this is the perfect choice. Think about it, where in the world can you get something as powerful for P300? 

Whether you’re glad about the upcoming school year or not, the back-to-school preparation will always be a stressful. Minimize the stress by making Sun Cellular your partner for the whole school year!

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