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Affordable call rates from the U.S. to the Philippines

Sun Call Home (U.S.)

Sun Call Home is a prepaid IDD call card specially produced for Pinoys in the United States. This prepaid card enables them to call their loved ones in the Philippines subscribed to Sun at very affordable rates.

Sun Call Home Call Card is packed with 35 minutes worth of IDD calls to any Sun Cellular mobile number. Available for only $5 per card, your consumable minutes are guaranteed as the card has no hidden fees or connection charges.

The cards are available at selected Seafood City supermarket branches. Call the US Customer Service Hotline now at 1-877-777-4338 for more details.

Sun Call Home U.S. (FAQ)



Affordable call rates from Japan to the Philippines


Sun Pamilyang Pinoy Rechargeable Calling Card (Japan)


Call your family back home with the Sun Pamilyang Pinoy Rechargeable Calling Card! The card has super affordable IDD Rates from Japan to Sun Cellular & Digitel lines in the Philippines.


Sun Pamilyang Pinoy Rechargeable Calling Card is only 2,000yen with up to 150minutes of IDD calls to the Philippines. Plus free 25 international texts to a Sun number in the Philippines. The credits can be used up to 60 days upon 1st use. Users can call Sun, Digitel, Suntel subscribers for as low as ¥13/min.


No hidden fees and no connection charges! Card registration is also FREE! Sun Pamilyang Pinoy can be used from any landline, mobile or pay phone in Japan.


Sun Pamilyang Pinoy Rechargeable Calling Card will be available in 270 retail stores in Japan including FamilyMart, AMPM Stores and Circle K Sunkus.


Sun Pamilyang Pinoy Rechargeable Calling Card (FAQ)

FREE International Texts to 10 Countries!

SUN Call Back Service

Send a FREE international text requesting for a return call. Send Call Back texts to your friends and loved ones in 10 destinations – US (main), Canada, UAE, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Qatar, Malaysia, Macau and Brunei, even if you have zero-credit in your prepaid load.

You can text them anytime in these 10 countries to call your Sun number. This service is available for all prepaid subscribers.

To send a Sun Call Back message for free, just text CallMe<space><00+country code+mobile number abroad> to 2297

Sun Call Back Service FAQ

Ang Bidang Text Card for Pinoy Seafarers!

Sun SMSCrewMail

Seafarers are given free CrewMail accounts, via Sun SMSCrewMail cards, that allow them to send and receive text messages to and from Sun Cellular subscribers.

With SMSCrewMail, seafarers will be charge at very affordable rates when they send text messages to Sun subscribers. (Replying to seafarers will cost only P2 per text for both prepaid and postpaid Sun users.)

Get the SMSCrewMail registration cards at The Sun Shops and selected maritime offices.

Sun SMSCrewmail (FAQ)