For Sun Postpaid Subscribers

Roam around the world with Sun and stay connected with your loved ones here in the Philippines. Roam in more than 100 countries with over 300 roaming partners worldwide. With Sun’s affordable roaming rates and clear connections even abroad, you are sure to enjoy stress-free traveling with Sun International roaming!

Choose Sun as your roaming partner now!

How to activate your Postpaid Roaming?

• Activate your roaming by calling Sun Hotline 200 or by visiting The Sun Shop nearest you.
• No additional fees are required to activate your roaming.
• Make sure to update your accounts before leaving the country so that to enjoy uninterrupted roaming while abroad.

What services are available w/ Sun international roaming?

• Making and receiving calls
• Sending and receiving SMS
• GPRS services including WAP, internet and MMS (only available to postpaid subs and in select destinations)

Other features made available to Sun Postpaid Roamers:

.Aside from calling and texting, roamers can also use these features:

Caller ID
Call Barring
Call Forwarding
Call Waiting and Call Hold

Availability of some or all of the worldwide roaming services except for voice calls is subject to their being made available by the networks of partner operators. Availability may, thus, vary from operator to operator.

For Sun Prepaid Subscribers

Good news for Sun Prepaid user! Your favorite Sun Prepaid SIM (Call and Text International SIM, Super Value SIM, Super Budget SIM, Super Combo SIM, and Easy Line) is now roaming capable. Even when you are abroad, you can still call or text your love ones using your Sun Prepaid SIM. Going abroad? Activate your roaming now!

Activating your Sun Prepaid Roaming Service

There are three ways to activate your Prepaid Roaming service:

    a. Via SMS

    • Just text ROAM ON then send to 222, 1 hour before departing the country.

    • A text confirmation will be received upon successful activation

    b. Via USSD • Dial *222# then press SEND.

    • On Prepaid Roaming Menu, select option 1 to activate then select option 1 again to confirm the request.

    • A text confirmation will be received upon successful activation.

    c. Via Sun Hotline

    • Call Sun Hotline 200 and request for the prepaid roaming service to be activated.

Sun Prepaid Roaming is available in select destinations

Prepaid Roaming Service is initially available to 6 countries - U.S., China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Macau. Other coutries will soon be available.

Checking your balance while abroad

To check balance, dial *221# then press SEND. A confirmation message will be received:

    “Your account balance is XX.XX PhP. Your account will be disabled after MM/DD/YYYY.”

Reloading your Sun prepaid SIM while roaming

It’s very easy to reload your Sun Prepaid SIM while abroad. You do it via scratch cards, XpressLoad and even Give-a-Load from your family and friends in the Philippines.

    Via scratch cards

    • Dial *220# followed by the 9-digit call card number and the 5-digit PIN then # sign. Press SEND.<

    Via XpressLoad

    • Prepaid roamers abroad can reload the regular load via XpressLoad abroad or Xpress Load in the Philippines.

    Via Give-a-load

    • The people who will give-a-load should be in the Philippines.

For assistance while roaming

For any questions or assistance while abroad, Call the Sun Hotline: (+63) 2 39580000 using your mobile phone.

Calling while abroad!

Call your loved ones in the Philippines and in other countries! Remember to dial the numbers in international format before calling.

• Mobile: <+><country code> <mobile access number><mobile number>

• Landline: <+><country code> <area code> <landline number>

Click here to see samples

Sending Text Messages
There will be things that you can't wait to tell your friends or your parents when you're touring Europe or the US. Don't wait to lose the excitement. Let them know little details of your trip via text. Send them a text message now. Don't forget! Always remember to put the prefix +63 to send a text message to the Philippines before the full number of the receiver.


"+" or International Access Code + Philippine Country Code + Sun mobile number Number to Dial
+ 63 922 922 2222

Things to remember before going abroad

Before You Travel
It is our aim to make the outbound roamer's trip abroad as problem-free as possible. These procedures will ensure that your mobile experience abroad goes smoothly.

1. Set-up your GSM phone.
2. Using your phone abroad
3. Contact Sun Cellular anytime, anywhere
4. Lost or stolen

Phones and Countries
Know the countries where you can enjoy Sun Cellular's International Roaming Service and find out what kinds of phones will work for each country.

Top 25 roaming destinations

  Make sure to roam with Sun to enjoy the lowest roaming rates while traveling the Philippines. Experience clear connections while calling your family and friends back home. Sun also has nationwide coverage so you can roam wherever you are in the country.

Set-up you Phone

To manually select network:

1. Go to your handset's "Network Select" setting and choose "Manual." (This may take a while)

2. Select “SUN”

Making calls while roaming with Sun

Make sure to use the international format:

  • Mobile: <+><country code> <mobile access number> <mobile number>

  • Landline: <+><country code> <area code> <landline number>

  • e.g. . Mobile: +63922xxxxxxx

  • Landline: +63 2 xxxxxxx

For more information regarding Sun’s inbound roaming services, click here.