For immediate assistance, please contact the Sun Cellular Hotline
Toll free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone : 200
Landline : (02)395-8000

Sun Postpaid Elite Plan Hotline:
Toll-free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 888
Landline: (02) 397-8888

Sun Broadband Wireless Hotline:
Toll-free from your Sun Cellular mobile phone: 333
Landline: (02) 395-3333

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SMS-based Bill Inquiry

To get your outstanding balance via SMS, simply dial 205 then follow the voice prompt.

The Sun Online Bill
Enroll your account to the Sun Online Bill and start receiving electronic copies of your monthly Sun Postpaid billing statements via e-mail. To enroll, visit the nearest branch of The Sun Shop or call the toll-free hotline 200 through your Sun phone. Registration is free of charge.

The Sun Cellular Postpaid Billing Statement
A billing statement is sent to the address of the account holder every month to inform him / her on the account usages and corresponding charges.

Summary and Definition of Terms

Balance from Previous Statement: Unpaid balance from the previous billing cycle is carried over to the succeeding billing periods. Make sure to keep track of your monthly bill and corresponding payments.  

Billing Period:
This indicates the period covered by the billing statement.

Credit Limit:
  This is the maximum amount of outstanding balance that you may incur before the service gets recommended for redirection. This includes the monthly service fees, usage and overdue charges, adjustments, and other billed or un-billed fees.

Voice consumables and free local SMS are summarized at this portion of the billing statement.

Monthly Service Fees:
These would include the recurring consumable charges covering the services of the postpaid subscription profile.  

One-time Charges and Debit Adjustments:
This sums up all non-recurring charges that involve a one-time charge such as the advance monthly service fee, handset cost and applicable service registration fees.

Payment Due Date:
To avoid service disruption or account redirection, make sure to pay your bill on or before the payment due date.

Payment Received
: This covers the total payment made through The Sun Shop outlets, and all other accredited payment centers nationwide.

This indicates the total amount of Value-added Tax (VAT) and OCT imposed on the current charges, including roaming taxes if applicable.

Total Amount Due:
This amount tells you the amount to be paid on or before the indicated due date.

Usage Details: This portion shows the amount of voice calls, operator-assisted calls, text messages and value-added services availed through the account.