Phone Configuration Guide  

1) To activate your GPRS and handset settings, text ACTIVATE to 2300.

2) In case you are unable to receive handset settings, you may choose to configure your handset settings manually. Please select your handset model in the drop down list below and follow the instructions in the file.
Handset Model
* Note: Configuration guide provided for each handset will depend on the supported feature/s.  

A friendly reminder from Sun Cellular: Avoid incurring unintentional Mobile Internet costs by

(1) Exiting your Web Browser after surfing to cut the GPRS/Internet Connection;
(2) Setting your phone's GPRS/Internet Connection to MANUAL to avoid automatic connection.
Please check your phone manual for instructions on how to turn off your phone's automatic internet connection; and
(3) Doing the same for phone apps. Set your phone apps' GPRS/Internet Connection to Manual to avoid automatic connection.

Call our hotline at 200 from your Sun mobile phone or (02) 395-8000 from any landline for more information.

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