Postpaid with MyWifi Bundle 999





Promo Period: November 19 – December 31, 2011


1. New subscribers who will get the Sun Postpaid Plan 350 with the Sun Broadband Bundle Plan 649, and chooses the Samsung Corby II as the included handset will get a FREE MyWifi device upon approval.

2. Holding period for Sun Postpaid Plan 350 and Sun Broadband Bundle Plan 649 is 24 months.

3. If the subscriber chooses to terminate his/her subscription before the end of the holding period, he/she should pay a termination fee amounting to the monthly service fee times the number of remaining months before the end of the holding period.

4. All plans included in the promo will abide by the standard requirements set for each plan: Advance Monthly Service Fee deposit, Proof of Identification, Proof of Income, and Proof of Billing. The Advance Monthly Service Fee deposit shall be charged upfront.

5. Claiming of the FREE MyWifi device will be upfront immediately upon subscription.

6. All customers who avail of the promo are still bound by the existing terms and conditions of their service or subscription. Promo is available to all SunShops and Digitel Customer Centers.