Sun Cellular has been busy revolutionizing the communications industry since day one with its amazing offers, and now comes the latest of its unbelievable, downright out-of-this-world services – the Sun Broadband Gadget Plan.

How would you like two free gadgets on top of your plan? Yes we’re serious, because under the Sun Broadband Gadget Plan, you get quality broadband internet, an Alcatel T10 Tablet, AND a Pocket Wi-Fi for as low as P799 per month!

The Alcatel T10 Tablet is Alcatel’s inclusion to the mid-range tablet game, which features the Android operating system, an ultra-responsive 7” screen, a 1GHz CPU, and Wi-Fi capabilities. The Pocket Wi-Fi, on the other hand, could be used not only by the Alcatel T10 included on your plan, but by all your wi-fi-ready gadgets as well.

Aside from the aforementioned gadgets, the Sun Broadband Gadget Plan 799 includes 60 hours of mobile internet for one month, while the Plan 999 comes with, yes, unlimited mobile internet for one whole month. 

These days, maximizing the potential of your all devices requires a steady, reliable internet service, and the Sun Broadband Gadget Plans give you just that – and more! Where else can you get a deal as mind-boggling as this?

Only in Sun Cellular, of course.

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Sun Cellular is a member of the PLDT Group.